Quarterly Investment Recap – Q4 2021

Throughout 2021, we saw market indices repeatedly reach new highs as volatility barely touched the strong performance we saw. As we look at the year ahead, broad investing conditions appear volatile as markets anticipate interest rate increases from the U.S. Federal Reserve. Nevertheless, there are positive indicators like falling unemployment and wage increases that present […]

The Year Ahead 2022

2021 was a great year for investment portfolios, while also representing a period of increasing wealth inequality as asset prices rose, prices rose, yet wages rose at a much slower pace. People with financial assets benefitting exponentially more than those without. Here are 3 economic variables that are at the top of our radar that […]

3 Things To Watch In 2021

An insurrection led by our sitting president, a cryptocurrency boom, and the crippling covid-19 have already made 2021 an interesting year. As we learned in 2020, the stock market can power up even when the world is in disarray. Here are 3 variables that are top of mind on our radar that may impact your […]

Thanksgiving commentary

We believe there is rash investor optimism for a market that is fully supported by central banks, investing accessibility, and positive news. We remain positive on profitable, growth focused investments and high yielding areas of fixed income markets; however, recognize the short and long term risks that exist in this market exuberance. Some of these […]

Post-Election Market Insights

We are generally positive on profitable, growth focused investments along with higher yielding areas of fixed income markets in the long term.  It’s difficult to stray away from this stance in the short term; however, feel it may be prudent to slightly hedge any long term, growth focused market exposure. The last 7 days have […]