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‘Allow me to re-introduce myself’

Written By: Alli Masoero, CFP® – Zenith Lead Financial Planner

Not Rich, Yet: A blog talking about finance in a way you’ll actually understand.

We can thank the legendary Jay-Z for that wonderful verse. Those that know me – hello again, and those that don’t – it’s a pleasure to have you here! After releasing my earlier posts, I received multiple requests from readers to share more about myself. So here we go!

Ever since I can remember, I have always been interested in learning people’s stories and background. 20 questions for me somehow always becomes more like 40 questions. It usually doesn’t take long in a conversation for me to highlight that I’m a proud Hokie (Go Virginia Tech!). I traveled South to follow my dream to run on a collegiate level. After time, I discovered another genuine passion that would shape the rest of my life. In one of the nation’s top financial planning programs, I was able to launch my career and grow a true appreciation of financial planning and how it can help improve someone’s life.

BUT..I am not here to prove myself, because I have been doing that through my work over the years. You bet I can compete with the best of them! Everything from advising on home-buying decisions, tax management, estate planning to student loan management! If you are at the bar with me, I’m basically a personal finance webinar you can’t seem to close out of. 

There is an acronym in financial planning called ‘HENRYs’, or ‘High Earners Not Rich Yet’. You’re young, you have a great salary, but your only savings is in retirement assets that you can’t touch until you retire. If this sounds like you, this is a pivotal time in your life and career where your money decisions can impact the rest of your future.

I have always been one to speak out and voice my own opinion; some would call me a ‘disrupter’. The everyday financial planner or advisor stays away from HENRYs because you can’t make them gobs of money. Come on, do you know how annoying that is? Every single person should have access to advising and financial advice. 

Well, I saw how annoying it was, and I joined Zenith. We are not pricing you out of the market – we are including you in it. This is my call to action to you. Schedule a meeting with me. It’s 20 minutes and it’s free. I truly care about every single person in my life and I can guarantee you, you will leave the meeting with a minimum of having learned something. 

If you know me – you know it is my nature to want to help people. I cannot emphasize enough how important these decisions are. The intention of my blog is just for that. 

Let’s get you rich baby! Schedule with me, you won’t regret it.




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One response to “‘Allow me to re-introduce myself’”

  1. Good blog post Ally. Thanks for increasing my presence on the Internet, using my name. I hadn’t heard the acronym for Henry, but I like it. I like the word “yet.” It implies that good things are in the future for your clients, that a positive future depends on good choices today. Knowing you personally, and knowing your financial background, I’m sure you can help many people towards a bright financial future. Go Henry!

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