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Do You Ever Wonder What You’ll Look Like Old?

Written By: Alli Masoero, CFP® – Zenith Lead Financial Planner

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Remember Snapchat’s ‘Time Machine’ that allowed you to filter your face into an old version of yourself? That was wild, right? 

Younger generations have such a hard time conceptualizing themselves in ‘retirement’ or ‘having grandchildren’. The thought of being 65 is a distant, distant thought. Although, for a financial planner like myself, picturing it is almost way too easy. I saw the filter and immediately thought “Ugh, social security”, “Gosh, I hope I’ll be retired at that age”.

This blog, unfortunately, is intended to inspire you to think about your 65 year-old self. One could say it’s almost necessary to think about the person in the picture. 

It’s a hard task convincing your friends that saving in their 401k is more important than a trip to Florida with their girlfriends. It’s hard to ask them if they are prepared to possibly care for their aging parents. 

Trust me, I get it. We are starting to make good money on our own and want to enjoy our lives. Think of it like seeing a doctor. You are constantly checking your health to make sure you can live a long and prosperous life. Do you know what else can get in your way of achieving that longevity you desire? Money.

As planners, we work hard to help clients achieve financial independence. Just like a doctor, we identify the problem and figure out how to improve the situation. The thing we do not have control over – is time. Time is our enemy. Humans do everything to avoid time. 

You need to start treating your money like your body. It is an integral part of your future. We can’t save you when you are 65 and coming to our office trying to retire. If you’re not prepared, the only choice is to work longer. Is that what you want? If you hate work now… just think about how much you’ll hate it at 65. 

Do something about it. Schedule with me, you won’t regret it.




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