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My Best Friend’s Wedding

Alli Masoero, CFP® – Zenith Lead Financial Planner 
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Great flick! Weddings are fun until they are over and you look at how much you spent…. (as a guest).

I was recently celebrating my beautiful friend Jill’s upcoming wedding (yay Jill!). And as I attend the parties, I realize that I have subconsciously budgeted for everything in my head. As I will have attended 4-5? weddings by the end of this year, I know a thing or two about the costs associated with being a wedding guest. 

Here are some things to think about:

  • Start planning or saving as soon as you get the save the date.
  • Create a budget just like you would for a trip – how much you will pay all in for everything.
  • Understand the expectations – Will there be bachelor/ette parties? Showers?
  • Will you need to travel? How will you get there?
  • How many gifts?

To help you stay within your budget here are some tips :

  • Lodging!!! If you are traveling, see if you can skip the hotel for a cheaper option.
  • Buy a thoughtful gift and not something too pricey. 
  • Shorten your stay – maybe not indulge in the whole wedding weekend.
  • Please stop shopping. You do not need a new outfit for every new bachelorette trip.
  • Split costs with other guests (gifts, airbnbs, etc.).
  • Leverage your resources – if it is a wedding you can’t imagine missing, this may also be a good time to cash in some of your credit card points for a flight.

Weddings are fun, you see old friends and probably drink too much. We want you to be able to enjoy them with the least amount of stress. Think about it ahead of time and you will have plenty of time to prepare. 

An old coworker of mine once told me ‘You know it’s okay to say no to wedding invites?’. If it doesn’t work in your budget, that’s okay too! You don’t have to be at every wedding.

Happy saving!


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