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“We want prenup! We want prenup!”

Written By: Alli Masoero, CFP® – Zenith Lead Financial Planner

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Thank you Kanye, you insane man, for this gem of a song. I hope some of you share the same memory of belting this at the top of your lungs. But, who knew you actually may ‘want prenup!’. 

Being an advisor, I like to do my due diligence. Before Brad (my fiancé) and I went on our first date, I knew where his childhood home was and what his parents did for a living. Yes, I know, but whatever. We were very open about our financial goals and aspirations from the start, literally maybe the fourth date– possibly due to my convincing! Several years later, our finances are now combined, and we aren’t even married yet (don’t marry a financial advisor, ha!).

The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) survey reveals that 73% of cohabiting couples say that money decisions are definitely a source of tension in the relationship.

I hope to educate and inspire conversations between couples. We want everyone to find and keep love!! It’s important to protect yourself and have honest conversations with your future partner. Your money values do not need to be the same, but you need to be able to work with one another. 

Prenups are basically insurance policies. Do you buy car insurance because you know you will crash? No, you buy it to protect yourself in case you crash. A prenup is similar, especially since as the average age of getting married increases, people are entering relationships with more assets and wealth.

I know it’s not the most fun subject, but unfortunately it’s important. I have personal experiences helping and advising women through a divorce. As much as people say, ‘oh we’ll be amicable!’, that is sometimes not the case.We are even seeing more post-nups as women quit their jobs to raise children.

It can be before or after marriage. Let’s get something in writing that you both feel comfortable with. Keep it fair and simple. Please have a discussion and work with an attorney to get this document completed. Always consult with your fiance/spouse first!





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