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Chelsea Ransom-Cooper – InvestmentNews’ 2023 class of 40 Under 40

Congratulations to Chelsea Ransom-Cooper for being named as a member of the 2023 Investment News 40 Under 40.

Chelsea’s exceptional client service has deservedly been widely acclaimed, and it is tremendous to see this national recognition also bring a spotlight to the countless hours she has invested in building Zenith’s next-generation wealth platform.

This platform, intentionally designed for underrepresented advisors, can be leveraged by new advisors on staff and partner firms to focus more time on increasing growth and less on the roughly 20% of their week spent on back and middle office functions. Creating a vibrant community of like-minded advisors will encourage others to join and stay in the industry and ultimately help expand the total number of advisors that deliver objective, high-quality advice.

Chelsea is well positioned to leave a lasting positive impact on the financial services industry as she excels in her career, and we are thrilled to have her visionary leadership at Zenith.

You can read more about Chelsea’s selection in Investment News.

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