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Post-Election Market Insights

We are generally positive on profitable, growth focused investments along with higher yielding areas of fixed income markets in the long term.  It’s difficult to stray away from this stance in the short term; however, feel it may be prudent to slightly hedge any long term, growth focused market exposure.

The last 7 days have been eventful. The Biden/Harris victory, along with positive covid-19 vaccine results from Pfizer, have modestly eased prior uncertainty.  Amidst these developments, a number of sensitive variables exist for the economy and investors.


Fiscal policy is a tool used by Congress to stimulate or sedate the economy.  Many investors and leaders, including US Chamber of Commerce head Thomas Donohue, are calling for swift fiscal stimulus action to come from Congress.  While fiscal stimulus earlier this year was effective for businesses and families, a divided government and a strong economic recovery may prevent a strong fiscal policy response before the inauguration in January.  While the recovery has been strong, covid-19 cases have begun to spike again across the country.  This could cause future targeted lockdowns, as we have already seen in New York City and in Europe.  More lockdowns would likely hamper economic activity and could have short-term effects on investment markets.  The timeline between Pfizer’s announcement and vaccine dispersion will be a critical development to monitor.  Further, while the current administration could cause uncertainty and volatility leading up to inauguration day, social unrest has not proven to be a large deterrent to markets. 

The personal savings rate is a measure of how much individuals and families are saving as a percentage of their earned income. Earlier this year, fiscal stimulus from Congress was effective in boosting this critical measure for households. Source: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis | US Bureau of Economic Analysis


Foreign policy and trade should become more predictable under the Biden/Harris administration, which could prove positive for international markets.  A focus on climate change and environmental sustainability may prompt a rejoining of the Paris accord.  This activity could prove very positive for domestic and international ESG related companies and investments. 

Tax law changes may be difficult to accomplish with a Republican Senate, so companies will likely continue to enjoy lower corporate taxes while continuing to refine their tax strategies due to continuity in the law.  Our country’s budget deficit may continue to grow if there is more fiscal (or monetary) stimulus paired with lower tax revenues. 

Source: US Department of the Treasury, Congressional Budget Office

The Federal Reserve recently pledged to keep interest rates near zero, which continues to push the timing of a rising interest rate environment.  Short-term fiscal and monetary stimulus could also be a catalyst for long term inflation increases.  Due to this stance by the Federal Reserve and other international central banks, not investing and holding cash pose a risk to long term purchasing power.  This dynamic encourages bids on any inflation-protected or yield-bearing investments. 

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