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We are not a financial planning firm without our clients and we make sure they know it. Inclusivity is a core value of Zenith and one we hope to highlight through our growing client base.

Below you will find a few examples of clients we serve. If you do not relate to any of these, please continue to reach out! These are just a few examples of an endless list.


We help professionals navigate and enhance their working capital. We are your partner in building a financial framework for the future and changing things as they come.

  • Present a financial summary of your current financial standing
  • Produce a cash flow plan displaying monthly savings and investment contributions for each account
  • Develop a timeline for your short term, medium term, and retirement goals
  • Invest in a balanced portfolio of stocks, etfs, and bonds
  • Review tax projections annually to manage tax withholding and equity compensation
  • Create a financial plan with updated financial progress, investment growth, strengths, opportunities, and action items


We help families from all ages and professions build a plan for their dream future. We adapt with you as your family changes or life happens and we keep your financial plan on track.

  • Develop a Financial plan for each family member individually and as a unit (individual + family goals)
  • Establish an investment framework for the family
  • Structure a family real estate investment, which led to a business venture
  • Coordinate tax guidance with an accountant
  • Organize an estate plan to create a seamless wealth transition among family members
  • Create a debt repayment plan that is customized to each family member’s financial standing

Business Owners

We brainstorm, structure, and monitor your personal and business financial plans. Some common examples being, a consulting business or raising capital for a start-up.

  • Analyze your current financial position as a starting point to determine your cash flow needs while building your business
  • Develop a timeline for milestones and anticipated future financial actions for your business and personal finances
  • Coordinate tax guidance with an accountant and annual tax projections
  • Open and invest a retirement account for your business

Disclosure: Transitional scenarios described above are hypothetical based on possible financial needs and goals of a client(s). This material contains references to concepts that have legal, accounting and tax implications, and is not intended as legal, accounting or tax advice.