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Investment Management

Our Overarching Investment Thesis

Diverse leadership teams and fund managers will outperform the markets in the long run

Our Proprietary Process


We develop a portfolio customized to meet your time horizon, risk tolerance, investment objectives, and additional financial circumstances.

Investment decisions are best made when you thoroughly understand your financial picture. There are no minimums for clients that engage with Zenith in financial planning.  Clients without a financial plan must have at least $100,000 in investable assets.


Seeks to identify and score a potential investment’s drivers of profitability and value creation.


Seeks to quantify growth, earnings, and impact expectations in both the short and long term.


Seeks to identify how an investment will impact environmental, sustainable, and equitable standards.

Key Metrics

Seeks to define, measure, and track the core drivers of any particular investment’s success.

Portfolio Solutions

Our Models

Each model we offer is designed to offer a different approach to investing in global markets. We leverage academically researched quantitative methods to manage our models through our clients’ investment life-cycle.


This model provides a risk-based tolerance exposure, while prioritizing tax efficiency and low turnover.


Highly tactical strategy that seeks upside opportunity and will aggressively de-risk during periods of calculated risk.

Active Equity

Seeks to generate alpha by rotating between major and minor asset classes, which may include owning sectors or individual countries.

Peak Equity

Concentrated and aggressive strategy designed to allocate 100% to global equities throughout market cycles.

Full Transparency

Management Fees

Investment advisory fees are deducted quarterly at the start of each quarter based on current assets under management.

$0 - $5,000,000 - 0.80%

$5,000,001+ - 0.50%

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