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Moms, it’s time to choose yourself

Mothers are known as the epitome of unconditional love. That unconditional love, it is not a form of self love, it is the love they have towards their children. That love truly starts from the moment they hold that baby in their arms for the first time until the moment they can no longer hold anything, including their breath. Although no other form of love can be compared to the love a mother has for her child, self love is something worth discussing. 

Moms, one way to practice self love is by making sure you are financially solvent. While your children depend on you, you want to ensure you are financially independent. The factors that contribute towards financial independence are having a steady source of income and consistent contributions towards retirement. 

Having a steady source of income depends on whether you have young children and your particular chosen career path. The lack of affordable childcare plays a crucial role in mothers staying employed. Over 77% of mothers stay home because they do not have access to affordable and reliable childcare for their children. However, working from home has been a game changer. Work as many hours as you want, on your own schedule. Even if the job is not in your chosen field, continue to grow and learn. In your love for your children and family, do not lose your sense of self, do not lose your financial identity. 

According to the US Census Bureau, 50% of women from the age of 55 to 66 have no retirement savings! That is an astonishing statistic. Your earning potential peaks and caps at a certain point depending on ability to work and your job field. It is absolutely crucial to maximize your retirement savings. You worked hard your entire life, you don’t want to lose sleep by worrying about your finances when in retirement, especially when your body and mind finally wants to be carefree. 

The harsh reality is that your children will not worry about your financial wellbeing as much as you worried about them throughout their life. Their ability to provide for you financially depends largely on their stream of income and their ability to maintain their current lifestyle. You creating a financial cushion for yourself also relieves your children from having to worry about providing for you in your older years. 

After having children, it’s extremely easy to get caught tangled in the web of love towards your children. You can still choose to love yourself while loving your kids. The ultimate way to love yourself is by taking care of yourself wholeheartedly and holistically. Your individual situation and circumstances are unique to you. Motherhood warms your heart like no other, it also drains your energy at a supersonic level. If you are feeling overwhelmed or are not sure if you are on the right path, speak with a Certified Financial Planner to start your financial journey towards choosing yourself. 

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