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Welcome To The Team – Jerel Butler

We are thrilled to introduce a valuable new addition to our team, Jerel Butler, who joins us in the role of Financial Planner. At Zenith, our core ethos revolves around being a fee-only investment management and financial planning firm. We are resolutely dedicated to the noble cause of addressing and rectifying wealth inequality. In this context, we see Jerel’s appointment as not just a new hire but a pivotal step forward in our mission.

At Zenith, Jerel focuses on providing practical financial planning to young professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Jerel combines his financial planning acumen with real-world experiences to help clients comfortably strategize on building financial freedom. Jerel’s background makes him particularly skilled in tax planning, budget management, and business planning.

By welcoming Jerel to our team, we have augmented our capability to provide tailored financial solutions to a diverse range of clients, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their current financial status, can benefit from our wealth management and financial planning services. His extensive knowledge and dedication perfectly align with Zenith’s vision of creating a more equitable financial landscape, and we are excited about the positive impact he will undoubtedly have on our clients’ financial journeys. Jerel’s presence strengthens our commitment to empowering wealth builders and organizations, thereby advancing our mission to combat wealth inequality, one financial plan at a time.

Prior to Zenith, Jerel founded Millennial Financial Solutions in 2016, a firm created to elevate young professionals and entrepreneurs on their journey to financial success. Jerel provided affordable financial and business planning for Millennials and Generation X. Jerel offered fee-only financial planning support from student debt to personal or business tax planning and special milestones in life before merging into Zenith in 2023.

We believe that financial planning is not a privilege for the few but a right for all. Jerel’s expertise and experience bring a fresh perspective to our firm, enhancing our capacity to serve a broader spectrum of clients and effectively fulfill this aspiration.

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