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Institutional Investment Management

Serving non-profits and foundations to create meaningful growth

Create mission-aligned growth for your organization

As an intentional company, we aim to provide best in class investment management services to Institutions that share our values.

  • Inclusion
  • Social change
  • Racial and gender equity
  • Environmental responsibility and sustainability

We differentiate ourselves by building holistic partnerships that extend beyond investment management and contribute directly to an organization’s mission.

Go Above and Beyond

We collaborate with organizations like yours to implement our unique investment philosophy at an institutional level.

  • Non-Profits
    • Investment Sourcing, Management, and Advice
    • Financial Literacy Education
    • Financial Consultations for Staff
    • Co-Branded Events and Fundraising Support
  • Foundations
    • Investment Sourcing, Management, and Advice
    • Locally Sourced Impact Investments
    • Portfolio of Diverse Money Managers
    • Guidance on PRI’s and Pooled Impact Funds

You Deserve a Partner Who Is Invested In Your Mission

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To design a custom asset allocation tailored to your organization’s risk profile and growth targets, we follow the following five-step approach:

  1. Understand the Goals, Objectives and Constraints
  2. Quantify the Acceptable Risk
  3. Define the Investment Policy Statement
  4. Invest the Portfolio
  5. Manage and Report on the Portfolio

At the onset of every new partnership and to help build buy-in for a cohesive strategy, Zenith facilitates a series of structured meetings to help generate internal alignment. These meetings often include board members and senior leadership. 

Our Institutional Investment Philosophy

We focus on integrating specific objectives, constraints, and values into a highly customized investment strategy tailored to each client’s goals and risk tolerance. We derive capital market projections through quantitative analysis, economic research, and expert judgment, using historical data and statistical models to forecast future market trends and estimate the likelihood of different economic scenarios. 

This enables us to adjust our clients’ portfolios accordingly and center on long-term growth and income goals while managing risk through diversification, asset allocation, and disciplined, active investment management.

Our Institutional Investment Approach

We’ve built a unique process for partnering with institutions to help them achieve their goals as they work to build a brighter future for their communities:


  • Onboarding. Our comprehensive client onboarding process can be completed in 30 days or less. We move through an investment management agreement, a customized client survey, and funding to get you up and running with our team as efficiently as possible. 


  • Portfolio Allocation & IPS Development. Together, we’ll work with you to build an ideal portfolio allocation strategy and to develop a new Investment Policy Statement as necessary through meetings with your Investment Committee or Board of Directors. 


  • Values Mapping. We believe that your investments are best managed when they’re in alignment with your organization’s values. Our optional values-mapping exercise helps you to clarify what you stand for and to set goals to become as close to 100% values-aligned as possible. We know this is a moving target, and we’re here to help you make adjustments in an ongoing capacity.


  • Active Monitoring. Through active monitoring and rebalancing at least quarterly, we are able to make prompt adjustments to your portfolio based on economic conditions, market developments, and changes in your goals.

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