Zenith Wealth Partners


Building partnerships with mission aligned organizations to help grow their reach and generate a long-term impact that surpasses the bottom-line.

As an intentional company, we aim to provide best in class investment management services to Institutions that share our values. We differentiate ourselves by building holistic partnerships that extend beyond investment management and contribute directly to an organization’s mission.

  • Non-Profits
    • Investment Sourcing, Management, and Advice
    • Financial Literacy Education
    • Financial Consultations for Staff
    • Co-Branded Events and Fundraising Support
  • Foundations
    • Investment Sourcing, Management, and Advice
    • Locally Sourced Impact Investments
    • Portfolio of Diverse Money Managers
    • Guidance on PRI’s and Pooled Impact Funds

To design a custom asset allocation tailored to your organization’s risk profile and growth targets, we follow the following five-step approach:

  1. Understand the Goals, Objectives and Constraints
  2. Quantify the Acceptable Risk
  3. Define the Investment Policy Statement
  4. Invest the Portfolio
  5. Manage and Report on the Portfolio

At the onset of every new partnership and to help build buy-in for a cohesive strategy, Zenith facilitates a series of structured meetings to help generate internal alignment. These meetings often include board members and senior leadership.