Zenith Mid-Year Review: Letter from the CEO

It’s hard to believe that we’re nearly at the halfway mark of 2021. Amidst the new executive branch administration and the economy re-opening from covid-19 shutdowns, I am proud of the progress Zenith continues to make towards our mission of inspiring smart and impactful financial decisions for our clients and audience. With Zenith’s core values […]

Zenith Solutions Launches Wealth Partnership

October 1, 2020   Philadelphia  October 1, 2020 - Zenith Solutions (“Zenith”), a leading registered investment advisor (RIA), today announced the hiring of Chelsea Ransom-Cooper, CFP in connection with the launch of Zenith Wealth Partners (“ZWP”). Ms. Ransom-Cooper joins ZWP from BakerAvenue Wealth Management in New York City, where she provided wealth advice to high [...]

Inaugural Year in Summary

By Jason Ray It has been quite a year. Zenith has taken tremendous strides towards our purpose of leading individuals and communities to financial freedom. Over the past year, we have experienced excellent audience engagement with clients, students, professional service providers, and stakeholders. In the background of covid-19 and fragmentation in our country leading up […]