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Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Continuing the Conversation

As discussed in Part One of “Breaking the Glass Ceiling,” education and continued conversation are crucial for addressing gender inequality in the workplace. Let’s delve further into the facts to understand the extent of the issue and continue our conversation!

Despite some people denying the existence of the gender pay gap, the data shows otherwise. As we see in the above chart, women earn significantly less than men across nine industries, even in those that are traditionally female-dominated such as education or service occupations. A common argument is that women choose lower-paying jobs, alluding to that being the sole reason for women having less earnings. However there is no ‘sole reason’, there are many obstacles and biases women face when trying to get into the higher-paying industries. 

Many of the earning disparities can be attributed to the lack of women representation in each industry. For example, only 23.7% of Certified Financial Planners are women. The lack of opportunities and mentorship available to women deters them from pursuing these types of careers where a solid support system is necessary. In the financial services industry white men comprise 64% of C-suite executives, and 23% are white women. Only 4% of C-suite executive positions are held by women of color.  A solution to these disparities is discussed further in part one.

To Recap

To address the gender pay gap, companies can support and mentor women, as outlined further in part one. However, it’s important to acknowledge that this is a complex issue that requires continued conversation and action. By working together, we can create a more equitable and inclusive workplace for all.

Sarah Shields


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