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I-Bonds Explained

With an important deadline approaching on October 28th, the amount of news and activity related to I-bonds has picked up again.  Staying updated on investment methods and pivoting your investment strategies to the trends of the market is key.  One strategy that continues to be overlooked by many is the use of I-Bonds. An I bond is a security that earns interest based on both a fixed rate and a rate that is set twice a year based on inflation. The bond earns interest at an adjustable rate until it reaches 30 years or until the holder cashes it in, whichever comes first. 

Check out our latest publication – I-Bonds Explained – to learn more about how you can reap the full benefits of I-Bonds and the steps you can take to purchase them if you are interested.

Please reach out to your Zenith advisor or a trusted professional to discuss questions about I-bonds and whether this is an appropriate investment option for you.


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