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Chelsea Ransom-Cooper – 2023 Financial Advisor’s Young Advisor to Watch

Please join us in congratulating Chelsea Ransom-Cooper on being selected as one of Financial Advisor’s 2023 Young Advisors to Watch. 

Since joining as co-owner and managing partner, Chelsea has revolutionized the firm’s approach to client services and led efforts to create an inclusive platform from which high-performing advisors can scale their own reach and impact. By expanding her team and effectively onboarding additional financial advisors, Chelsea has exponentially grown Zenith’s reach and overall profitability for a more sustainable future.

In parallel to growing the overall firm, Chelsea has never lost focus on her primary audience: her clients. Chelsea specializes in working with women founders and in the tech industry, by guiding them through the many financial decisions they face as women with ambitious goals. Through client feedback surveys, Chelsea has been frequently described as trustworthy, an accountability partner and proactive. Chelsea leaves her clients feeling more confident and empowered about their finances after every conversation.

Chelsea’s work is gaining broad recognition and she is widely recognized as an industry thought leader. She has appeared in national publications such as CNBC, Marketwatch, and the Wall Street Journal and across a variety of platforms, including podcasts and social media. In 2020 and 2022, she was recognized by the Association of African American Financial Advisors as one of the 50 Outstanding Financial Advisors Under 50. Earlier this month, she was also recognized by NerdWallet as one of the 9 Black Financial Influencers to Follow in 2023.

We have the fortune of seeing Chelsea excel day in and day out and are thrilled to see her continue to receive national recognition as one of our industry’s rising leaders.

You can read more about Chelsea’s selection in Financial Advisor.

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